Read What Our Customers Are Saying

"I have had significant reduction in the tension in my body resulting in very welcome reduction of chronic pain. I’ve become more energetic, focused, optimistic & resourceful. Thank you Rob!"

Lori Whittaker

"I am more aware of my body, but more importantly, more aware of the potential for change. As such, I am more optimistic, or maybe patient with my body. I have started eating better, exercising & getting lots of sleep. And I don’t expect immediate change (and when it doesn’t occur give up), but I do trust that my body will respond to these better habits."

Stephanie K.

"I have experienced the following benefits since beginning care: – more conscious of my posture – improvement in the way I walk – improved stretching (exercises)."


"I feel calmer and more in control; I can put things in perspective better; My lower back doesn’t have pain when I bend certain ways; and finally, I feel all-around stronger."

Kirsten Collins

"My body feels more at ease, I carry less tension. I am learning to make time for relaxation, reducing stress."

Karen Haine

"I have experienced the following benefits since beginning care: The ease of dealing with pregnancy; being mobile and able to continue to function without major physical stresses; emotional (feeling positive & good about myself, having a positive outlook)."


"I started receiving care after my Naturopath suggested that the techniques used in NSA could help me relieve my lower back and neck pain. After my first visit or two, my lower back pain was gone. I couldn’t explain why. All I knew was that all of a sudden I was able to lie down at night without experiencing pain. Soon after my neck pain was gone too. Pretty quickly I caught on that I was helping myself. Being taught breathing techniques and learning to maintain focus is what helped me change. I’ve become more aware of my breath, my spine, and my body. I’m sleeping better and longer, increased my energy and stamina and am overall more relaxed."

Tara Smith

"Since the beginning of my care, I have come to understand that everything – every feeling, good & bad – should be viewed as a step in the right direction… Towards my personal physical & mental BEST! I am more mentally capable of allowing the process to unravel, although of course when it unravels with great physical reactions, that is more fun!

On a daily basis I experience more energy, fewer symptoms (fatigue, aches, cognitive confusion & disorder, twitches, etc.) This allows me to do more – from going out to dinner at a loud restaurant – to actually getting a physical workout & seeing results!

It feels great. I would say I am at 80% & I can’t wait for the final 20%."

Julie Strom

"Since starting my care I am most definitely aware of what my body can do. The ability to release stress and pain through breathing and the spine is a major accomplishment for me. I truly look forward to exploring what else my body and mind can do, and whatever else you can teach me. Thanks for being there Rob!"

Steve Dixon

"To date, entrainment is the most efficient and effective modality I have tried (used) to open the door and release emotional and mental blockages from my body. Best of all it recycles the released energies to help heal my body. This is enabling me to have a significantly improved feeling of wellbeing and more mobility."

Jennifer Haywood